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Tutu Tutorial… Something for your little Valentine Sweethearts

With Valentine’s Day coming tomorrow I thought it would be cute to make something for my girls to wear. I decided to make a simple tutu. When I say simple, I mean SIMPLE, and also so cute! I’ve made so many tutus for these girls it’s ridiculous. Their last 2 Halloween costumes were made using this same technique. I’ve also made them as gifts for other people. I’m telling you you’ll never buy one of these again once I show you how easy they are to make. This is what you’ll need…


- Red tulle roll (I bought this at Joann’s Fabrics and Crafts, but you can also buy tulle in any color on I prefer for this project to use the 6 inch wide rolls of tulle, but you can also buy a few yards off a bolt and cut it into 6 inch strips if you can’t find a roll in the color you want.)

- Elastic band for waist

- Red ribbon




1.Start by measuring around your sweetheart’s waist with the elastic band and cut it to size. No need to sew it closed. Simply tie it in a knot to create the waist band. This is a “no sew” tutu.


2.I like to stretch the elastic waist band around the back of my daughters’ little play chair when working on this because it’s the perfect size. You can stretch it over anything you have. I used to stretch it over my own legs. You just want it to remain stationary because it makes it easier.


3. Next you cut the tulle into strips. I needed around 50 strips for my project but it varies due to different waist sizes. You are going to fold them in half when you attach them to the elastic so keep this in mind when you’re cutting the strips. Make them any length you want. I suggest making them a little longer than you may think because you can always trim them down at the end.


4.  Fold your strip of tulle in half and start over the knot you made in the elastic waist band. Bring the folded end behind the knot coming from the top as shown.


5.  Pull the unfolded end through the folded loop over the knot in the waist band as shown.


This is what it looks like when you pull the loose end through the loop.


Pull tight over the knot in the elastic to hide the knot


6.  Repeat process over and over until you’ve made it all the way around the entire band. Took me about 50 strips.


Almost done with the tulle.


7.  Once you’ve made your way around with the tulle you can either stop here or add some ribbon. I like to add some ribbon. Start where the knot in the elastic is and tie a bow with some ribbon. This will make the front of the skirt.


8.  Next you cut the ribbon into strips about the same length as the tulle strips. Mine were a little shorter. I cut 10 pieces of ribbon. You are going to apply these the same way you did with the tulle in equal distances apart.


Every 5th strip of tulle I added a strip of ribbon directly over the tulle (not in between the tulle strips)


Pull the ribbon tight.


Keep adding a strip of ribbon every 5 strips of tulle until you’ve made your way around the skirt. (Please ignore my foot in the corner of this shot, haha. Just noticed it lol)




This is so cute!


These are my girls in their Halloween costumes with their dad. I made their skirts using the same technique and glued feathers on them too. So easy, inexpensive, and CUTE! Please ignore the scowls on my girls’ faces. Nap time was missed this day :)


Closer look. I sewed a feather boa around the hood of a sweatshirt and glued googly eyes and a bow on top. Bought all supplies at Michael’s Crafts and orange leggings at Carters. We had the yellow sweatshirts already left over from the summer. They are terry cloth beach cover ups I bought at Target.

For something nice for my girls, I’m planning to have a little family Valentine’s Day “party”. (If you call something a party around here you have a better chance for good behavior… we have a lot of “parties”)  Trying to do some fun and special things with the girls to offset the trauma of a move and a new brother all at the same time.  Anything involving cake, cookies, ice cream, or candy seems to be working so far.  The apple doesn’t fall far, as they say.  The same things work for me, haha.  Anyway, I’ll take some pictures of the girls in their surprise Valentine’s tutus and post them after the “party” for you to see.  Don’t forget, any left over tulle can be used as a bow for the hair or to be added to their tops.  Have fun!!

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  1. How fun. Thanks for the tutorial. I think I’ll make one for my daughter. It’ll be perfect for her to wear to dance class which happens to be on Valentine’s day! :)
    Take care.


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