Song credit: “Evergreen” by Emorie

Ashley’s Story

I’ve always admired this beautiful woman. When I see her behind the counter at the coffee shop she greets every single person with a vibrant smile. She spreads warmth and light by just being herself everywhere she goes. And as a mom, there aren’t really words to describe how incredible she is. The only way I could show her how much I appreciate her is through the lens of my camera, capturing exactly who she is both as a mother and a beautiful person.

When her oldest son came home from school he immediately ran in to see his baby brother. He gently and lovingly put the binky back in the baby’s mouth. I could see from the first interaction how the strong bonds of brotherhood were forming. The tender care that he showed to his brother was a reflection of the woman that I so looked up to. Just by being true to herself wherever she goes, she showed him exactly what it meant to be a caring and compassionate person.

“Behind all your stories is your mother’s story, because hers is where yours begins.”
~Mitch Albom

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