Family Films

Always By Your Side

A family teaches their children how to move mountains from the examples that they set in their own lives. They support each other to pursue big dreams and enjoy all of the little moments together as a family.

Generations of Love

Bubee reminds us of the beauty in all of the ages and stages of life. Through her gentle spirit and thoughtful gifts she brings tears, joy, and laughter into a day of celebration for Pam’s 60th birthday.

Flying Free

From caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly, we watched this incredible transformation take place. This monarch that hatched on my brother’s birthday is a reminder that his love is all around us. 

Through The Generations

“You continue to teach us all so much in the way you look with love at the lives you helped create. Through the love, through the loss, your simple and graceful ways carry the memories of this family. Time passes and pictures fade but your love endures forever.”

Love Each Other

Love. It is such a small word with so much meaning. It is a feeling, an action, an embodiment of God living among us. While guiding Vanessa and Brendan through writing the script for their film, this word became central to everything we wrote together.

Adopted Into Love

They welcomed children into their home and their hearts. Showing their own personalities through activities and toys, each kiddo has their own time to shine before coming together around the table to create memories with a Christmas hot chocolate tradition.

Homestead Harvest

The harvest is a reminder that we are all rooted to the stories of our ancestors. When my brother passed, our Felton lineage ended but the Felton name will never be lost. It continues within each of us, in the land, and in the beauty that will surround generations to come.

Mom’s Quiet Presence

I see you, mom of two gorgeous little humans. The one laden with bags and jackets. You are there in every adventure. You change clothes and clean up messes. Even though you are uncomfortable in front of the camera, your girls will forever and always know you were there.

First Haircut

Many “firsts” are exciting. Some are a pang to the heart, especially those that make you accept that your little one is growing up. As his mom, I needed a moment to step back from the craziness of raising three children and enjoy this little moment and big milestone with my middle child.

Baby’s First Christmas

For this family it is not just Christmas time. It is a time of beginnings and endings. In the next few months they will fill a new house with the buzz of a young family. For now, they capture memories of the details and love that made this building home.

What Love Feels Like

“Through her lens, Melody captures how I feel about my family. Her pictures reflect the joy, love, and connection I have with my husband and children. She captures the extraordinary beauty in the small, everyday moments that make up our lives.”

A Day With Mom

Everyday life with teens is different than life with toddlers. Both stages are precious, fleeting, and deserve to be remembered. For mom, she cherishes the laughing and the snuggles. The kids look back and remember the touch of mom’s love.

Becoming Brothers

A boy mom gets to see a beautiful relationship unfold. Brotherhood is a bond that is formed in the first days and weeks and lasts forever. The time with each of her boys is special and the moments they are together as a family fills her with joy.

Making Magic

A 5-year-old narrates his film about making Christmas ornaments for his dad. Through his eyes, follow the excitement of this creative space followed by the joy and nostalgia of Christmas morning traditions. You’ll feel all of the feels right along with him.

Books & Dreams

Their love for this beautiful girl is so massive that it can feel nearly impossible to put into words. For these moments, the wise words of Dr. Suess are the perfect fit. “Will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)”

What is a HOME?

This realtor and her family know that homes are more than buildings. They are sacred spaces in which we create the most precious memories in ordinary moments. Life can be messy and downright chaotic but in our homes we can truly be ourselves.

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Take the first step