Mary Ann’s Story

There is something magical in watching children explore. Sure, we can go outside and see the same ladybugs, bees, and flowers as our kids but our eyes do not see the same things they do. They see so much wonder in the beauty of life that we all too often find commonplace. I have always admired how these girls love to find the details in nature that my eyes graze over. Skinned knees, wet dresses, and chipped finger nail polish perfectly portray their free spirits. And behind all of the moments that these girls have me captivated by the carefree exploration that should be part of every childhood, I see a mom in the background who is doing it right.

Yes, I see you. Mom of two gorgeous little humans. The one laden with bags and jackets. You are there in every adventure. You change clothes and clean up messes. You are always there and yet your children take the stage. Even though you constantly feel guilty about not spending enough time out in the dirt with them, and you are uncomfortable getting in front of the camera, your girls will forever and always know you were there. YOU are a part of your children. You are Mom and you are loved.

“You are the best part of me. The side I hope everyone sees. The air that I breath, my missing piece, wasn’t complete before you ’cause you are the best part of me.”

Lyrics from “Best Part of Me” by Landon Austin

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