Santa’s Origin Story

After spending time with them, it is apparent that both Mr. and Mrs. Claus are beautiful humans who bring both magic and love everywhere they go. Santa told me that he put on the red suit for the first time at work. One day a young girl came in with her 90-year-old grandmother. She excitedly asked to take a picture with Santa. When asked what she would like for Christmas, the frail grandma said, “I want another year of health to be with my family.” In becoming Santa for the day, he was able to give this family the gift of joy and a picture to capture a beautiful memory with Grandma. It was the moment he realized that he wanted to continue doing this for years to come. He asked his significant other to join him so they could use this as memorable time together going into retirement.

Don’t forget the Mrs.

When I first talked with Santa, he came to me with the idea of portraying Mrs. Claus as his “better half.” I must admit, I was totally clueless about what that meant. I was thinking, “Oh yeah, she does all the stuff in the background that no one sees like cook food and shovel reindeer poo.” Way to gender stereotype, Melody. Then Santa corrected me, “No, she’s not my better half because she does things for me. It is the sparkle in her eye, the love she pours into the world through her smile, and the gentleness of her being that bring light to my life.”

Take a glimpse into their story…