Laura’s Story

When I lost Anastasia, my world went dark. It was as if my entire life’s purpose was stolen from me without warning. I didn’t think I would ever or could ever be happy again. Then, just over a year later, I got pregnant with Blake. It felt like everyone thought that Blake would “cure” my sadness and in so many ways, he does. He brought joy back to my life, purpose back to my days and a smile back to my face. But he did not replace Anastasia. My heart still aches for her and my arms long to hold her. I want to shout to the world, “I am the Mother of TWO precious, perfect and beautiful children!”

Ambigram commissioned by John Langdon

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Capturing eternal light

The pictures Melody took for us show just that, my TWO babies. One in my arms and one forever in my heart. They show not just the physical representation of Anastasia in her blanket, her bear, her photo. They show her light. I am eternally grateful for these beautiful photographs that capture the love that I will always have for BOTH of my children, even where the world sees only one. These are the perfect reminder that Anastasia existed and that my life and the life of her baby brother will forever be changed by her tiny footprint on Earth.