Memories Last Forever
even after loved ones are gone

My husband and I have a love story that seems it could only happen in a fairy tale. When I was 16 years old, I participated in my first 50-mile MS Challenge Walk. I hated multiple sclerosis and I loved my mom fiercely. Raising $5000 and pushing my body to limits I never thought possible was the perfect way for me to feel like I could make a difference. At lunch on day my mom got to chatting with a young man, David, who also walked for his mom. He said a few little words that had a huge impact on her – and would change our lives forever. When she thanked him for walking he responded, “If I could I would walk a million miles for you.”

This phrase inspired us to write a song, Million Miles, which we sang two years later with David sitting in the front row, balling his eyes out. The following year I asked him if I could join his family for the walk since I didn’t have a team. By the end of the weekend he asked if a special someone was waiting for me at home. I had never dated, never even kissed a guy. He was my first love and I was head over heels.

In 2012, as with many love stories, we got married. Surrounded by our friends and family we had the time of our lives, and many many pictures to remind us of that magical day. David’s mom sent us to the Galapagos Islands for honeymoon, and a few weeks later we went to her house for a surprise visit to deliver our wedding album. We found her…gone. Our entire lives were flipped upside down and this fairy-tale love story was suddenly, heavily clouded by this tragic loss. The wedding album that we were so excited to deliver that evening became a centerpiece at the funeral for people to see the immense joy that our family shared together.
As if we hadn’t already hit rock bottom, a few months after losing David’s mom, my brother died in a car accident. If it wasn’t for our wedding, we probably would not have had any recent pictures of my brother and mother-in-law, both for us to remember them by and for us to share with our children. Our wedding album became the most valuable possession in our home.

I love capturing families’ everyday moments because I can provide them with an invaluable gift – memories that can never be taken from us. Portraits are not just for special events. Every day, every tear, every moment, every laugh is precious. Pictures have a unique way of putting us right back into the moment to relive those memories again and again. When loved ones are gone to grief or even time, it is the ordinary moments you will long to remember most.