Laura & Mark’s Story

This is their first home, both as a couple and as a new family. In a few months they will be moving to a forever home. Although their daughter won’t remember this house, as she grows she will be able to see the love that was ever-present here through the memories we captured here. From the floors that they spent days refinishing with their own hands to the decor they lovingly made for their daughter’s nursery, the walls that surround them are just as important in their story as their laughter and snuggles. 

What stayed with me most after filming this family was the way in which they so comfortably and casually hung out together like I wasn’t even there. The joy of just being together made this environment so calming that at the end of the session mom and baby fell asleep together on the couch. While searching for a song for them, I knew I needed something that would articulate how this home and their time together as a young family was filled with so much happiness.

“Happy is a heart that’s full now. Happy is a heart that sings out loud. Happy is a heart that feels right. Happy is a heart that’s so light.”

Lyrics from “”Happy Is The Heart” by Steve Collom

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