Our first babysitter

This beautiful young woman is a blessing to our family. I had never left my children with anyone besides family until she came along. When I reached out for the first time on Facebook to find a sitter, she was the only person who emailed me like I asked. I knew that was a good sign right off the bat. She immediately puts her phone face down every time she enters our house, and the boys always look forward to playing with her. She gives me independence to leave the house for work and the preservation of my sanity. This adjustment to three children has been intense. I am so grateful for all she does to help me feel a little less overwhelmed.

Always her baby

There aren’t words powerful enough to thank her for what she brings to our family, so I asked her and her mom if they would like senior portraits. The three of us got in the car and drove around town, hopping out every time I spotted beautiful light and settings. Towards the end of the session I asked her mom to join in on a few pictures. I sensed her discomfort but I wasn’t immediately sure why, until the tears came rushing in. This is her baby girl.

Seeing across time

As I hold my six month old daughter in my arms I am reminded how gradually but oh-so-quickly time passes and our children change. As I grow older I can look backward and forward in time, something that I couldn’t do before children. I see the first time mom and reminisce about the excitement of starting a brand new journey in life. I see this mom with her daughter, not far from letting her go into the world on her own, and I can imagine all of the same feelings flooding in when my own daughter graduates high school. In between all the messes and diapers, crying and tantrums, I snuggle my little ones a little closer knowing that all-too-soon this stage of life will move into another one.

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