Caleb’s Story

I didn’t want to trim off his precious baby curls for fear that they might never grow back, but it was getting to the point that his hair was in knots every day and I had to give in. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. This was shortly after taking my first course in filmmaking. I put my camera between me and my baby to keep the tears at bay, giving me a job to focus on (at least until after we were done). This was filmed while I was still pregnant with our youngest. In typical middle-child-fashion I didn’t get around to finishing the film for him. Recently we have been struggling with communicating with him. He gets so frustrated when we can’t understand him. There are times it seems he is expected to grow up faster than he should because his baby sister needs so much from me. One night I sat in the stillness of the house after the kids went to sleep and paused. This was important to finish – for him, for me, for our family. A reminder that life goes by too quickly to put memories on the back-burner. All it took was a few hours to finish, and now we have this treasure for a lifetime.

“This hair that once grew while you were nestled in my belly feels like the last piece of me that is connected to you. With every curl that falls to the floor, I’m reminded how quickly you’ve grown into an independent little human.”