Carter’s Story

After seeing a film for his brother, my five year old asked when he could have one, so I enlisted his help in creating it from beginning to end.

Ohoodles of Doodles is one of his favorite places to go. It’s a kids craft studio in Sturbridge, MA that encourages a free spirit to create in any way they feel inspired with the materials she has available. For my kids that usually means a lot of glue and a lot of mess. Darlene never tells then they are doing something wrong and she’s constantly challenging them to think outside the box. In a way, I might love it more than they do. 

Narrating this film with my boy brought me so much joy. He sat next to me, going through each clip to tell me what he wanted to say about the scene while I dictated it. Then we read it together for the recording, with him repeating each line after me. I adore how animated he is when he talks. His voice sounds so much littler to me when I hear him in a recording than when I see him in the role of biggest brother every day.

Here’s to Carter and the premiere of the first film he directed!

“I love creating fun projects. I can pick up incredible things! Every time I come here there is new stuff to find.”
~Carter, age 5